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Retweet Those Old Blog Posts

Old Blog Posts

If you’ve been writing a blog for while, chances are you have a fair number of articles online. Many of these are doing the digital equivalent of gathering dust – they sit getting the occasional visitor but largely exist in the web-sphere, unloved and forgotten.

It pays to take a look back and check out those old blog posts once in a while. Update them and retweet them. You probably have a lot of new followers who weren’t around when you first put up that article on how to juggle ferrets and wink at the same time.

And just maybe people would like to read it.

The other advantage is that Google et al like movement on your pages. So if you do tweak those old blog posts a little and update, the search engines love it.

The great thing is it takes a couple of minutes to go through your back catalogue and find something that is still, after all this time, interesting.

Business Blogging Tips: Blog Posts Don’t Have to be Long

Business Blogging Tips

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Looking for ways to fill up space on your website?

Shorter posts can be just as good as long ones. The marketing adage that you need word count on content to create an impact isn’t always true, especially when it comes to that all-important blog.

Breaking up your blog content with short and long posts is a great way to breathe life into your content and get more people visiting.

Sometimes, people don’t want a long read. What they want is a quick tidbit that gives them ideas. Provides a useful tip or simply brightens up their day.

Add your own business blogging tips in the comments section below.