Enter the 2016 Brexit and Trump Christmas Haiku Competition. Win £25!

haiku competition

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AND THE WINNER IS: Finally got round to judging the competition – the winner is Melissa Yuan-Innes for all her entries.

We haven’t done one for a while, so here’s the Feckless Goblin Christmas Haiku Competiton. There’s a £25 voucher up for grabs and it’s free to enter. All you need to do is click on one of social sharing buttons on this page and spread the word to your followers.

What is a Haiku?

You can see some examples of the haikus the great British public did here.

Basically it’s three lines of Japanese poetry. You have seventeen syllables, comprised of five in the first, seven in the second and five in the last. We’re not going to be too hard on you so if you throw in an extra syllable here or there it doesn’t matter.

What’s the Subject?

Seeing as we’ve had such a weird 2016, what with Brexit and the Trump thing, we’re asking you to write about that. Whether you’re positive about the future or negative or just don’t give a monkey’s, let us have your best poetic efforts.

What’s the Prize?

You’ll get a £25 voucher (or your demonination equivalent) paid in any way you like, as long as we can send it to you.

How Do You Enter?

Simply post your haiku in the comments section below along with your social media tag so we can contact you if you win. There’s no cost to enter but if you could click on one of the social media buttons and spread the word, we’d be grateful. You can also enter as many times as you like up to a maximum of three attempts.

The haiku competition runs until the end of December and the winner will be announced in the first week of January.

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20 thoughts on “Enter the 2016 Brexit and Trump Christmas Haiku Competition. Win £25!

  1. G S Meredith says:

    Too much anxiety
    Decide drink is solution
    Strange hair days here now

  2. She’s walking her dogs.
    Truck slows. Men scream “Go, nigger!”
    Fling cup of urine

    [Day after election, in Peterborough, Ontario] Blogged about it here: http://www.sleuthsayers.org/2016/11/hate-crimes-in-canada-eh.html


  3. Confederate flags
    hang while men in ski masks yell,
    Grab her by the p@%%#!


  4. Joe Lamb says:

    Stars and Heroes Die.

    Wild Haired Buffoons Seize Power.

    Father Time, please run!

  5. Hillary says:

    In two years my son’s
    eligible for the draft.
    I hug him too tight.

  6. Hillary says:

    “Women can’t work there,”
    my mother was told before.
    How soon we forgot.

  7. Joe Lamb says:

    Yuletide Eyes look up.

    Hoping snowflakes will soon fall.

    Syria cowers low.

  8. Joe Lamb says:

    Ignore hate and lies,

    misogyny, fraud, base racism…

    “Illegal mail!?” (Faints)

  9. Mercynary says:

    Year: Twenty Sixteen
    Disasters: Too many to count
    Namely: Brexit and Trump

  10. Mercynary says:

    Once again, Planetmates
    we prove just how self-destructive
    we can be at times

  11. Mercynary says:

    Dear Twenty Sick-steen
    I’m just sick and tired of you
    it’s not me it’s you

  12. MR. QUIPTY (@MRQUIPTY) says:

    piece of ass

  13. Peter Knee says:

    Solstice speaks out!
    Reminding us that change,
    is always permanent.

  14. Peter Knee says:

    So it turns out . . .
    Trumps mighty tower?
    a cardboard box.

  15. Peter Knee says:

    Kissing Trumps Ass
    Right outside the exit
    Brexit means exit

  16. Trump asks, “What’s the point
    Of nukes if you don’t use them?”
    Answer: Survival.

  17. All too much, this year.
    I don’t have the energy
    For Christmas cheer

  18. Anonymous says:

    Rule Britannia?
    Britannia rules the past,
    little Englander!


  19. Jemima Laing says:

    People made their mark
    And their choices ticked me off
    I’m still very cross

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