Do You Need a Web Content Review?

Web Content Review

If you run a business, the chances are you have an online presence, including that all-important website. Creating great content that engages visitors and leads to sales or service enquiries can be a complicated process, especially since many SMEs have to take a DIY approach in order to reduce their running costs.

Undertaking a regular web content review can ensure you have all the components in the right place that make it easier for prospects to reach a decision.

Common mistakes businesses make

  • Not looking at content from the visitor’s point of view.
  • Including poorly written or ill-conceived content.
  • Over-complicating content just to fill space.
  • Not proofreading properly and having content that contains spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Overuse of keywords and keyword combinations that makes content difficult to read and damages search engine ranking.
  • Including unfocused content that adds no real benefit to the site or the user.
  • Adding on sections and content without thinking how this impacts on the rest of the site and its usability.
  • Making it difficult for users to buy your service or product by including too many hurdles.
  • Not updating with new content or checking that existing content is still relevant.

Benefits of a web content review

  • Get an independent review of your site content that looks at the whole picture.
  • Identify and weed out bad or irrelevant content.
  • Make your website more user friendly for visitors.
  • Explore new ideas for content that could improve user experience and generate more leads.
  • End up with a sharper, more effective website that does what you need it to do.

Getting some quick and coherent independent advice about how your content looks to the average visitor can help your business develop an online presence that packs more of punch. When you’ve worked so hard on a site, it’s often difficult to see the wood for the trees – you know the content so well that you stop seeing the opportunities for improvement. That’s why you need an honest web content review.

To finish off, here’s a short, punchy video on how to write good content.

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