Twitter Timing for Beginners

twitterOkay, I have some news: Not everyone keeps the hours you do. Shock and awe baby, it’s the truth. The problem is this old world of ours is spinning through the cosmos and that means, for the sake of our collective sanity, we elect to use time zones.

That means if I get up at 8am in the UK, in China they’ve already been up 7 hours and in New York they’re still catching those zeds because it’s 3 in the morning. Time is a tricky thing when you’re messing around with the blessed Twitter.

One of the best times to get hold of people is when they are on their daily commute, particularly now many of us have smartphones and have forgotten the art of conversation. So if I tweet now, I’ll catch all those yawning, bleary eyed commuters in the UK who can’t be bothered to talk to the person sitting next to them.

But in the US they’re mostly still asleep so my message isn’t going to get through. It will probably be missed by those snoozing Yanks. The best time to get them will be in three or four hours’ time when they’ve had their decaf and cream cheese bagel.

And, yes, I do know Twitter is banned in China. But what if I want to catch the commute in other Asian countries like South Korea, Japan, or Hong Kong (and yes I know it’s a principality rather than an actual country)?

  • Generally, when timing your tweets you need to consider two things:
  • The location of your target audience.

When they are statistically more likely to be viewing their Twitter stream.
For example, take a look at Kissmetrics infographic on tweeting in the US of A.

It’s not all about catching people on their daily commute. In the UK, Twitter usage rises between 7pm and 8pm during the week but is at its highest often over the weekend. Wait! That’s not strictly true. If you are tweeting B2B then it’s different – the optimum time is during working hours, you know, when people are actually at work.

Timing can get complicated, especially if you have fans or customers all over the world. For an interesting overview of several media including Facebook, Twitter, and email, take a look at the BufferSocial breakdown of the best times to engage.

While it can be a pain in the rear end, getting to grips with timing your social media contact can help improve your visibility, increase the likelihood that your message will be shared, and generally, boost your popularity.

One thought on “Twitter Timing for Beginners

  1. Marketing books through social media can be complicated. Time zones matter for getting people to actually see your message. Another thing is that like your books your messages should be well edited and formatted. This is easy for social media, but for our books it can get costly.
    I have created an indie publishing company that has a model that I think will overcome this problem. We have a submission system in which the author submits their work (for a fee), and then they either get accepted for publication with 70% royalties, or they get comments on how to improve the manuscript. They can then make revisions and resubmit the manuscript for another round of comments or acceptance. this can be done up to three times for one submission fee. Our promise to the author of no form rejections is one we can keep with this model. In this way we hope to improve the quality of the work and make the final product great.

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