My Business Blog is Dull

my business blog is dull

The answer is probably yes. Maybe. Almost certainly. If you’re asking ‘Is My Business Blog Dull?’ then you already know the answer. You wouldn’t be asking the question, if you didn’t think it wasn’t. Right?

See what I’m doing here? I’m asking you a question.

Even more, I’m asking you to think.

I’m not just listing 10 reasons why X or Y is true. I’m involving you. I’m…I’m commm-uun-icating.

10 reasons why your last 10 blogs have been pointless.

  1. They’re dull.
  2. They don’t engage.
  3. They’re written without enthusiasm (They’re dull).
  4. You don’t see it as important.
  5. You don’t realise it’s important.
  6. You don’t have the time.
  7. What? You don’t have the time for your clients?
  8. You run a niche business, there’s not much to talk about.
  9. You really, really don’t have the time?
  10. I just plug a link of my product on Twitter. 5 times a day, on auto.
  11. I’m having a nervous breakdown, leave me alone, why dontcha!

Okay, so that’s eleven. Let’s make a point. It’s not write, write, write. It’s engage, engage, engage.

You need to write something meaningful. Think you can do that? No? No.

See, the problem is this: You have to keep your business face on and you have to make sure that people know that you are serious and that you are…well…just like every other provider in your business.

You’re nothing new.

We hate being different, don’t we? We hate being contentious. We hate stepping over THAT line. We hate being the one to peek over the parapet and say: Hey, you know what? I might…I just might do something different.

How many words do you think there are in the blogosphere? At this particular moment in time? I’m wowed by that question, more than I’m wowed by the fact that my Word autocorrect just corrected the word blogosphere (meaning there is actually a word and I hadn’t just made it up).

Know what that means?

Someone had the audacity to make it up. Someone thought, we don’t have a word for this, so I’ll create one. Here it is guys. Blogosphere. The sphere in which a blog exists.

Back to my point.

How many words? To read? How many do you think? If there are 10 x 500 word blogs written every minute….sheeze, Louise…where’s that calculator? That’s a lot, right? A zillion gadzillion million billion. How much of that stuff do you think is good? And by that I mean how much of that stuff is ever being read? Most of it, I bet, is sitting in dusty corners of the internet, unloved and unappreciated.

Be honest, how many people are visiting your business site and reading the blog? Chances are, for most businesses, the number is a big fat zero.

Here’s the point: A well-sourced, engaging, regularly updated business blog can enhance you as a respected source of valuable information and drive traffic to your site. Combine that with a strong social media presence and you have one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools on the planet today.

My business blog is dull. Damn right it is.

What are you going to do about it?


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