Are you neglecting your business blog?

Are you neglecting your business blog?

With a wide range of social media and other marketing channels available these days, it’s only natural that running a business blog may be the last thing on your list of fun stuff to do. Unfortunately, most businesses, particularly SMEs, are missing a trick if they are not utilizing this simple and effective marketing tool.

Two big business blog mistakes

  1. Your blog has a couple of entries, written when you first put up the site, and has since been forgotten. It is currently of no value to your customers or anyone else.
  2. You update your blog with dull content that does not engage the reader. In other words, no one is interested in what you have to say. You might as well have written nothing.

Write regular, informative posts

  • First of all, search engines love new content. If you have a static website where you’ve put up product and service descriptions and see no reason to add to that for the moment, then a regular blog is a brilliant way of updating your site and keeping Google et al happy.
  • A business blog also invigorates your social media feeds. Instead of constantly pushing your product or service with Tweets and Facebook posts, you can direct fans and followers to another interesting article on your site. It provides a simple tool for starting a conversation,  building trust with consumers and is a great long term  strategy for improving conversions.
  • You can play around with long-tail keyword combinations which can help drive relevant search engine traffic to your site.

10 quick steps to a supercharged business blog

  1. Blog regularly – at least once or twice a week.
  2. Have a list of keywords and combinations that you want to exploit.
  3. Write interesting content. Take a closer look at your average consumer – what do they want to read? What relates to your product or service and makes a really interesting story?
  4. Here’s the tough part: Don’t try to sell in your blog posts.
  5. Become a respected source. If people trust what you say, they will trust what your business supplies.
  6. Don’t be afraid to link out. Links are the lifeblood of the internet; use a couple in your posts. Search engines love it.
  7. Use images. A page with just writing on can look visually unappealing, an image can add some life and improve your SEO.
  8. Mix up your business blog with videos, surveys, and competitions. Make it exciting for your visitors and they’ll want to return.
  9. Leave the comments section open. If someone posts a message, reply to it. People love to be noticed.
  10. Link your blog to Twitter, Facebook and any other social media you use. Get it all working together.

And finally…

Yes, it takes work to keep a blog going and you have to beat your brain for ideas  but, in the right hands, this can be a powerful tool that engages customers and attracts new ones to your brand. If you haven’t got the time to do it, hire and build a relationship with a professional blogger to research and write the content for you.

Whatever you do, don’t leave your business blog sitting gathering internet dust – it’s a waste of a valuable, and cheap, resource.


1 thought on “Are you neglecting your business blog?

  1. Very good list. Perhaps ‘ease of navigation’ could be added? Try and keep the ‘infrastructure’ and basic design / layout of your blog as simple as possible. The unnecessary use of ‘gadgetry’, too, is a real no-no. Over-complex sites are a real turn-off… literally!

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