HP Lovecraft | Guest Blogs Needed

I want to run a series of blogs on HP Lovecraft over the next few months and I’m looking for some esteemed “guests” to impart their wisdom on this much-loved and widely-read giant of fantasy and horror fiction.

I read somewhere recently that Lovecraft shuffled off this mortal coil firmly believing that he had been a failure as a writer. I wonder how he would feel about his enduring popularity if he was here today.

If you would like to write a guest post for The Feckless Goblin I’ve put in a few suggestions below but if you want to do something different then please knock yourself out.

In return for your hard work I can offer a short biography and a link to your site/latest novel/a picture of your Aunt Mimi’s feet…whichever takes your fancy.

Guest blog suggestions:

  • A critique of your favourite HP Lovecraft story
  • How HP influences your work/the work of a famous author
  • The life and times of Lovecraft
  • Lovecraft’s take on horror writing

If you would like to submit something then  DM me on @ziggykinsella and I will forward the email address to send it to.

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