Enter The Feckless Goblin Halloween Haiku Competition and Win £20


And the winner is:

Slutty witches, ghosts
and bats fly high at night on
sugar overload

By @janetjosselyn1

A voucher will be wending its way to her very shortly.

You can read all the great entries in the comments section below.


Halloween will soon be upon us so I think it’s high time for another competition.

Once again you need to utilise your rusty poetry skills because The Feckless Goblin wants you to produce a Halloween related haiku.

If you don’t know already, haiku is:

A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables.

Now, we don’t want it to be too restrictive for those of you who aren’t poetry orientated, so let’s say your haiku  should have no more than three lines and 13 words AT MOST and should instill a sense of Halloween.

An old, not necessarily Halloween haiku example is:

Endless corridor
Dark scream spears heart
Follow blood trail

Think you can manage that my little Gobliners?

Write your haiku and put it in the comments section below. If you have trouble adding it,  send it to me @ziggykinsella and I’ll add it manually with your ID. We’ll allow one entry per person and the closing date is 31st October 2013.

As a shameless bit of marketing, and because you love The Goblin, once you’ve posted your haiku, please copy the link below and tweet it to your followers so we can get plenty of entries:

I’ve just entered @ziggykinsella’s £20 Halloween Haiku Competition at http://fecklessgoblin.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/enter-feckless-goblin-halloween-haiku.html

The winner will be announced the day after Halloween and will receive a £20 or currency equivalent prize payable either as a voucher or via paypal.

32 thoughts on “Enter The Feckless Goblin Halloween Haiku Competition and Win £20

  1. on Halloween nightdeep in the witch’s gardena row of eyestalks

  2. No disguise can hidewhat will happen to her eyes;the light fades in time.

  3. Monster dressed as child,Not the other way around.Tricked, and became treat.

  4. Glimmering lanternsRise over garden fencesKnocking on back doors

  5. On Halloween nightI hear the SHISH-SHISH-SHISH soundOf feet through the leaves

  6. Letter writ in blood:”Midnight. Graveyard. Alone. WearLingerie.” ~Lestat

  7. Midnight strikes…thenCreaking coffin lids Shuffling feet, muttered moans.

  8. Death unfurls his cloakSweeping up the screaming soulsPlunged into darkness

  9. Jack-o-lantern’s eyes,Twinkling through the shrouded night,Winking at the ghosts.

  10. The Feckless GoblinPosts many scary picturesLike a dog in plaits!

  11. A lonely cottage, A stormy night… Your door knocks…

  12. Footsteps gaining fast behind,You drop your ‘trick or treats’ and hideA twig snaps; you’re going to die…

    1. Oops! Is there any way I can deleteMy 2nd Haiku entry? I didn’t readthe rules! Lol. This is not another entry…. Lol.

  13. Everything I touchwith tenderness, alas,pricks like a bramble

  14. Orange pumpkins glowGhouls gallivant house to houseDemons dare to scare

  15. Skin raw from scratchingBlood dribbles down my fingersBuried, no one hears.

  16. Jack-o-lanterns bleedHorror burns from gap toothed grinsPumpkins scorch the night.

  17. Blood red full moonWitches cackle in the nightSpine is tingling

  18. Spirits of the deadrise once more for Halloweenand write new Haiku.

  19. nice here in autumnwell all the ghosts should like itturn left at graveyard

  20. Aussie HalloweenI hand out lollies, don’t sayit’s really Beltane here.

  21. what vampire thoughtso many, many sunsetswould make forever?

  22. Bad Evil PumpkinCreeps into your room at nightEats your gooey brains

  23. gushy, hard, milk, dark, Chocolateplease help me save for halloween nightopened the bag too early

  24. Jack O’ Lanterns grin,illuminated withinby slow burning flame.

  25. She’s stalking her preyThey will have to surrender’Give me the candy!’

  26. Witches on broomsticksGhosts and zombies rise from gravesChildren eat candyWritten by my brofur Ku of http://haikubyku.com

  27. sprits ambushed the gloomsibilants of thirst and painhands beckon me over

  28. Chubbo kids appearRinging the bell of my doorMy lamp is not lit

  29. Pumpkin faces glowSpider webs rise in the breezeThe door creaks open

  30. slutty witches, ghostsand bats fly high at night on sugar overload

  31. Halloween birthdayExpected, loved, and cherishedNow we celebrate

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