What sells your book?

What really sells your book?

  • Do you get all your sales from Twitter, Facebook, a combination of things?
  • Have you made a YouTube video that’s upped your book sales by a billion percent?
  • Does persistent spamming and DMing people you don’t know work?
  • Have you tried pay-per-click?
  • Have you done a blog tour thats been really successfully or a total waste of time?
  • Have you sold your soul to the devil and really don’t have to bother with trivial things such as social networking?
  • Have you emailed people pictures of fossilized pooh asking them to buy your book?

Those are just some of the questions The Feckless needs to answer about what sells your book. If you are an indie writer, we’d like to hear from you.

So get writing, do it from the heart as usual, and get your views down and dirty in the comments section below. Whether you’re a beginner or a marketing demon, we want to hear from you…

10 thoughts on “What sells your book?

  1. When it comes to buying books, word of mouth is probably the biggest contributing factor. I’ve got a blog roll full of people who seem to have a keen idea on what’s good out there.

  2. The book sells itself. After all the “blog talk” is done, the book has to live up to its hype and make the sales. The other day I read Mike Well’s blog “The Wild Publishing Story.” http://ht.ly/8Sa5j In it he talked how his first book, “Wild Child,” ended up in trash only to become the Amazon’s UK #1 Bestseller. A very interesting story.

  3. Don’t know about everyone else, but I quickly unfollow anyone who spams me with their “READ MY BOOK!!!! GREATEST BOOK EVAHR!!!” garbage. As for what works? I really can’t say. One link (not 10) to a blog post? Sure, why not. If it piques my interest I’ll go for it anyway. But spam me and I guarantee you I’ll never read a damn thing.

  4. I completely agree with Jaie. I tend to unfollow spammers the instant I realise that that’s all they use social media for. So far pretty much anything I have tried to do has failed. Finally my book sales have flatlined and I am pretty much clueless. My attempts at drumming up sales tend to involve getting inspired when inebriated and then feeling like an utter dick the next day.

  5. The only thing I know that sells my book is me. I can talk about books in my hand to people standing in front of me, but the second I try to sell books not in my hand to people not in front of me it doesn’t work. I need to know the person’s life and interests, so I can find a book that matches those interests. Without a real person to talk to i just can’t do it, that’s why I created my little bookstore, so I could go places, meet people, find out what they like and match those likes to something in my stock.

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