Christmas Horror Writing Competition

Okay, Christmas is fast approaching, so I think it’s time for a little writing competition to get you all in the mood. The prize is a £30 Amazon voucher (or your currency equivalent). It’s very simple to enter:

In a short paragraph (60 words or less), I would like you to describe a Christmas monster – a crazy Santa, an evil elf or even a zombie Scrooge – the choice is yours. The prize will go to the most original and most descriptive entry, but, above all, the most frightening.

The Christmas horror writing competition is free to enter and all you need to do is write your description in the comments box below, include your twitter name (or at least somewhere I can easily contact you should you win). Please give your monster a name as a heading for your entry.

The competition will be open until Christmas Eve and you can enter as many times as you like. The winner will (as long as I’m not too drunk) be announced around Boxing Day.

Happy writing my fellow demonic scribes….

The winner of the last competion The Great Twitter Experiment was @SanguMandanna.

66 thoughts on “Christmas Horror Writing Competition

  1. Oh no- I have signed in the first through facebook and the 2nd through google- please note -Ruchira Mandal(facebook profile url) is the same person as Ruchiraa(Google user).Here’s another entry:Mister HoovesI rush through the snow, leading the fat old fool to his doom. He is humming merrily, dreaming about making more children smile. But they’re going to meet me this year. I need only another change of disguise. Rudolph proved impressionable enough, and all I offered was a break from work. If Santa only knew who was pulling his sleigh…@RucchiraMhttp://magicnmiranda.blogspot.commagicalmiranda at gmail dot com

  2. Christmas Eve: Tokyo Harbour.The festive crowds looked in awe as the water in the bay appeared to be boiling, Slowly a large shadowy object could be seen coming up from the depths. Panic broke out as the infamous Godzilla rose from his aquatic refuge. The water dripped from his sodden red suit, the white fur trim utterly ruined. The cardboard boxes in his sack were pulped. The crowds screamed in horror.

  3. Under the tree, it seethed. The room was pitch and graveyard silent. Strange boxes around him scraped his charred flesh, bits falling, like red snowflakes. His stomach rumbled, his hunger growing. With wrinkled claws he plucked the skin from the carpet, opening his fangs like the gates of hell…saliva pulsating. This did not satify him…but it wouldn’t be long.

  4. Under the tree in pink wrapping paper, a doll that whispers once a day to her new best friend. Tonight it’ll say “Hold the pillow over Baby Sam’s face until he stops wiggling.” Tomorrow it’ll say “Crush up Mommy’s pills and put them in Daddy’s bottled water.” Or some variation. By New Years, they will have the house to themselves.

  5. Okay, 60 words exactly according to Open Office. :)The Spirit of Christmas regarded the chimney. The dreams of the young drew it onwards, denied it rest, and pulled it downwards to the bedroom. Filled with rage and loathing, it gazed upon its tormentor. Perched on the boy’s chest, it inhaled deeply. With the child’s last breath, the spirit laughed and flew up the chimney, until the next Yuletide.

  6. The NutcrackerShe stared at the soldier’s fixed grin as the pressure increased. The bristle of his moustache tickled her cheek; a stench of rotten flesh bloomed from his mouth. His wooden arms jerked stiffly from side to side as she lay trapped in the wrench-like grip.She screamed as his sharp white teeth broke the skin of her forehead.

  7. The Tune(@BlackDogNate)It’s a pleasant tune, upbeat and catchy, and you want to sing or hum along. That’s when it takes hold. It lives in your brain, writhing and squirming, crowding out all other thoughts. It makes you smile despite yourself, and you start to sing to everyone around you. That’s how it reproduces. Fa la la, pa rum pa pum.

  8. oovj@aol.comAddictionDark and seductive with the smoothest skin, a sheen like silk, a sheen like Christmas baubles. Everyone loves Chocolate. No-one can resist and yet, hidden within that most intriguing shell, the heart of a monster; of one who takes your hunger for its own; transforms it. Disguised as pleasure it lies. And once consumed it will consume your soul.

  9. Stingle-PixieStingle-Pixie’s basic blueprint had changed forever – it was only day two when he fell on his head. Paint not even dry, and all chance of joining Santa’s helpers smashed, along with his positron. Instead, glistening with slimey snot, he became a squid-beaked, stunted, projectile vomiter – the perfect attributes for a career as a novelty office-party wrecking tree bauble.

  10. The Sprite of Last Christmas (gracerrr)It knows when you’re awake. It saw you pour another sherry and heard you chirruping to the radio choir. For a second you’ll think it’s her at the door. Then you’ll meet that chilblained sneer clothed in ragged emerald, ready to gorge on solitude. No one will know until you’re a no-show at work. They’ll need to start interviewing.

  11. The UsurperFamilies settle down at the TV, tuning into the Queen’s speech. It’s such an important part of Christmas they say, scolding children into putting down toys. The Queen’s familiar face appears onscreen as she recaps major events from the year. Few notice she looks rather odd, huge eyes filling most of her face. The slaughter begins before she’s finished speaking. (@negerton)

  12. In the gloom, an old lady with a collecting tin. “Spare a few pennies for the sick this Christmas?” she said. She stepped into the light, but her eyes remained black as pitch.It was then I saw dark stubble, camouflaged beneath white powdery make-up.He reached beneath his dress and pulled out a knife. Sick, he certainly was.

  13. Santa ClawsIt’s his fangs you see first, sharp-edged incisors dripping with blood-lust. His famous claws, smaller but deadlier, don’t confront your eye with garish white and red, but deliver a stealthy blow to the side of your head.Once dead, your body is greedily digested, leaving the monster at leisure to steal all your presents from under the tree.

  14. The Christmas MonsterHe tries to escape, but two giant strides and he is caught, lifted to the monster’s chest, his neck twisted ‘til it snaps.He doesn’t live to see what happens next; the feathers stripped from his body, legs spread apart, his innards removed, his naked corpse smeared with fat and left to roast, on Gas Mark 5, for seven hours.

  15. ARTRESSBeneath the bed, in the best traditions of ghouls, Artress, bastard child of Osiris lurks panther hunched, bedecked with silent, devilish grin. Drawn quick and driven feverish by dark sweat of human loneliness. He pounces as lights are dimmed, razor teeth in glimmered moonlight. He coils lover tight ‘round unprotesting vessels. As they acquiesce to grief, the demon feasts.

  16. The monster turkeyIt was the biggest turkey ever, 84 lbs. Dirk mistakenly assumed the shopkeeper had meant ounces, but when the delivery arrived the turkey was as tall as he was. It was also alive, not plucked and certainly not ready to stuff. Dirk was no match. The turkey plucked him and slung him in the oven on Gas Mark 5.

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