Monthly Archives: November 2010

Christmas Horror Writing Competition

Okay, Christmas is fast approaching, so I think it’s time for a little writing competition to get you all in the mood. The prize is a £30 Amazon voucher (or your currency equivalent). It’s very simple to enter:

In a short paragraph (60 words or less), I would like you to describe a Christmas monster – a crazy Santa, an evil elf or even a zombie Scrooge – the choice is yours. The prize will go to the most original and most descriptive entry, but, above all, the most frightening.

The Christmas horror writing competition is free to enter and all you need to do is write your description in the comments box below, include your twitter name (or at least somewhere I can easily contact you should you win). Please give your monster a name as a heading for your entry.

The competition will be open until Christmas Eve and you can enter as many times as you like. The winner will (as long as I’m not too drunk) be announced around Boxing Day.

Happy writing my fellow demonic scribes….

The winner of the last competion The Great Twitter Experiment was @SanguMandanna.