Lonely Goth Hearts: 5 Minute Writing Challenge

writing challenges

Here’s your 5 minute writing challenge, a little earlier this week because I’m not in the mood for blogging. But it should keep you busy for a nano-second and give others a laugh.

What I’d like is for you to write a lonely hearts ad for your monster. It can be a well-known fiend or one you have created.  Here’s my less than subtle attempt (I bet you can’t guess who???) to give you an idea:

Pointy toothed loner seeks true love.
Me: Well-read night lover, favourite colour red.
You: Virgin looking to explore eternity
Must be willing to relocate.

As usual, write your attempts directly into the comments section. If it’s one of your own characters, please feel free to put a link to where readers can find out more.


18 thoughts on “Lonely Goth Hearts: 5 Minute Writing Challenge

  1. Tall hairy and large footed female seeks taller hairy big footed male for games of hide and seek and possible relationship. Must be willing to travel often to keep from being seen.

  2. Sounds like half the population of Salford…cheers BF.

  3. Mature, intelligent meat eater seeks male or female companion for supper date. Must like chianti and sharing heart to hearts. Census takers need not apply.

  4. Gentleman seeks a lady of the manor, to help rule his pack.Me: athletic, not big on personal grooming, big appetite for lifeYou: Open-minded, must like country life, dogs and runs across the moorsCat lovers and the timid need not apply.

  5. Here’s a handful. Try to guess.—Mature M of royal Middle Eastern descent ISO younger F for LTR. Must enjoy dry climates. Background in first aid and/or archaeology a plus.—MTF TS ISO open-minded M for companionship, outdoor sports, camping trips. Discretion a must.—Me: SWM, distinguished features, witty, loves kids. You: SF, 20s, likes long afternoon naps. Let me be your dream lover!—BiWF ISO M or F. Kind of weird. I like animals, dolls and making new friends.

  6. Lonely SWF ISO male companionship. Must be blind and enjoy reptiles.

  7. Mask wearing male seeks anyone with a liking to being chased, stabbed and strangled.

  8. Gentleman and doctor seeking a lady of the street in the Whitechapel District of London for companionship and surgical assistance. Must be able to tolerate blood and gore. Fine penmanship a plus.

  9. Shadow seeks companion for walks in sun.

  10. Slinky Mediterranean F seeking hairdresser/snake charmer to warm this cold heart of mine. Previous relationships all turned to stone. Mirror essential.

  11. Immortal male looking to eat, drink, and be merry with open minded women. Sisters welcome.

  12. Busy bassist looking for female tag-along. Smoker. Drinker. Must be good with guns, appreciate music, and enjoy travel. Hates: Cats, toesocks, bad tattoos, whiners, drug-addicts and mother-in-laws.

  13. @magicradio -Twitter June 14, 2010 — 7:53 am

    Large, Scottish, ex-Prime Minister WLTM attractive, wealthy lady for annonymous retirement fun in far away place

  14. If you like good food, lying around and lots of hugs, I’m for you! I’m from out of town (WAY out of town) and I’m REALLY flexible. I hate the cold though, so ice rink owners and fire extinguisher calibrators need not apply.

  15. Nice Young Man WLTM a lady. Do you enjoy Motels? I own one with my Mother. You’ll like Mother. I like Mother. Non-smoker (Mother doesn’t like smokers).

  16. Me single sensitive man missing arm. rugged type. never say die was postman in prior life. want girl who like BRAAIINSSS!!!! and go to mall, spend time with friends walk streets look for BRAIINS!!!! no fat chicks.

  17. A bit late to this, but loved the idea, he here’s mine :)Male, thirties, handsome; loves lists and plans ahead.Looking for a fun time near Halloween.JackPS: Will only be in town through October 30-31. Must not lose your head over me!This is a character of mine from Carving terrific Jack-o’-lanterns http://estrella05azul.wordpress.com/2009/10/31/carving-terrific-jack-o-lanterns-by-estrella-azul/

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