Music to get the creative writing juices flowing

creative writingI’ve been shying away from the PC recently. Sure, I’ve been thinking about writing, you know, making up those neat little scenes in my head, putting together an imaginary ten point plan to fame and success, even scribbling down a few notes about scenes and stuff.

But as for actual head-down time, these last couple of days? It sucks. Maybe it has something to do with this mini-heatwave Manchester is experiencing…Or I’ve just got an attack of the lazies.

But all is not lost, dear reader.

I rushed to my ‘puter this morning, got my bacon sandwiches (sorry all you veggies out there) and my cup of tea and I’m raring to go.

But wait, I can’t eat and type at the same time….

May the Lord deliver me from procrastination…I know what I need, some music to set my mood, to get those fingers clicking on the keys. Something that blasts away the cobwebs and gets me in the literary groove.

That gets me to thinking what people use music-wise to get the creative writing done. Here’s something like the list I would choose:

  1. Ain’t no grave by Johnny Cash
  2. Back to black by Amy Whitehouse
  3. Back in black by AC/DC (see what I did there!!)
  4. Black dog by Led Zeppelin (yes, it’s coincidence)
  5. For a few dollars more theme by Ennio Morricone (for when I reach those writing blocks)
  6. Nostalgia by Emily Barker
  7. Maxine by Traveling Wilburys
  8. Child in time by Deep Purple
  9. Wish you were here by Pink Floyd
  10. Dog days are over by Florence and the Machine

But then I asked the question on Twitter and @VariantVal suggested Momento Mori by Flyleaf…so that’s my ‘thang’ for the day as I forge onwards with a target to finish the first draft of The TOWER (see I procrastinated enough to play around with a cover design as you can see above). I’ll make another cup of tea first, get myself settled…mmmm what’s that over there.

Anyway, all this got me wondering what YOU listen to when you’re writing, or what kind of music gets you in the ‘zone’. Let me know, as usual, in the comments section below…

Damn, now someone’s drilling – how in hell is a genius supposed to concentrate round here!!!

UPDATE: Just to let you know, I got through 10,000 words yesterday…so HAH! to procrastination…

11 thoughts on “Music to get the creative writing juices flowing

  1. I can’t listen to music while I’m writing. I don’t need absolute silence, but lyrics drag on my attention like a whisper.

  2. Depends on what part of the story I am writing and some characters get their own theme songs.”Theme songs””A Little Less Conversation” remixed by Junkie XL”Spirit of the Forest” by Korpiklaani”Winterborn (Subway to Sally remix) by CruxshadowsJust general songs, as of late, chosen to fit the mood of the story.”Saltarello”, “Avanti”, and “Chou Chou Sheng” by Corvus Corax”Shoot You in the Back” Motorhead”House of Doom” Black Label Society”Singularity” and “Build the Robots”, by Dr. SteelI could list so many more, but those are the ones that are at the top of my play list now.

  3. Like Mari Miniatt, the music depends on the story or even more, the character. At the moment, I´m working in an erotic/dark fantasy novel and one of the main character (the bad guy) subplots is dark and violent so, I usually listen to Rammstein and NIN songs while I´m writing.

  4. I need either silence or instrumental stuff, or pieces with chanting like Dead Can Dance tracks, where you can’t understand the lyrics.For those times when I’m not writing, but more sipping wine and forming ideas, I like a good haunting track like Death In June’s Fall Apart, or some Bauhaus. Or some blues. Heh, I think my real answer to your question is “it depends”

  5. Hard rock and heavy metal get me through my writing sessions. I usually just put my iPod on random and let whatever song comes on lead me. If push comes to shove, though, and I need to be more specific, Type O Negative does it for me. I can put them on shuffle and get some good writing done. Good slow and heavy beats with deep vox that fits most of my writing quite well.

  6. I could also go with any Led Z and most Pink Floyd, but more often than not, Chopin.

  7. Haunted or Bring me to Life by EvanescenceAny MetallicaOldie Goldie, any Uriah Heep, you know back when Ozzy was ‘normal’. haaaaaaa

  8. It depends on the genre, but Coltrane seems to get me going for anything.

  9. My novels are all fantasy, but they’re satire so there’s an element of modernity that I like to keep. (like people saying “okay”)So my music library is Eeeeeeeeclectic. It’s a fair mix of 70s/80s rock, Burt Baccarach and Clannad and all manner of other weirdness.Playlist:1. You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down: Randy Newman2. William Francis: Chumbawumba3. Ballroom Blitz: Krokus4: No More Mr. Nice Guy: Alice Cooper5. Estuans Interius: (Carmina Burana- the prog rock version)6. Another Place To Fall: KT Tunstall7. Too Much Saturn: Tall Blonde Hellicopter8. Little French Boy: Burt Baccarach9. South American Getaway: Burt Baccarach

  10. I grew up in a home with a father who listened to hard rock or oldies, a mother that was a top 40’s listener, and an older sister who was usually Pop or Country, so I learned from a very young age to appreciate a broad range of music. That being said I can listen to anything when writing, however I prefer more alternative or just about any powerful orchestra sounding songs while writing. Tops on the list are random though and would be as follows in no particular order:Until the End – Breaking BenjaminBreathe Into Me – RedMe and Your Cigarettes – Miranda LambertSpectres in the Fog – Hans ZimmerBeliever – Viva VoceRock is Dead – Marilyn MansonSupervixen – GarbageAin’t No Rest for the Wicked – Cage the ElephantInnocence – HalestormCrawl – Breaking BenjaminCloser – Kings of Leon

  11. I have theme songs for different stories I write… lots of Muse, Massive Attack, CCR, Gossip, Puddle of Mudd, Evanescense and a lot more thrown into the pot… ; )

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