Ziggy’s Writing Challenge

writing challengeOkay, so I woke up this morning and thought you all needed a little challenge. You know, something to get your creative juices flowing.

Above is a picture (there’s a new picture every day so don’t worry if the other stories don’t match up). Take a look at it. Then write something. The rules of the challenge are:

  • Type directly into the comments section
  • Don’t think, just open your mind and get going
  • No rewrites or edits
  • Write for five minutes exactly without stopping, using the picture as your inspiration

Got it? Well what are you waiting for…start!!!!

Previous pictures:

17 thoughts on “Ziggy’s Writing Challenge

  1. “I’ve been wanting to tell you something…” he said. “For a long time now…””What is it?” she said tenderly.”Well,” he began, took out a cigarette and placed it in his mouth. She approached a flaming match.”Thanks…” He inhaled the smoke and let it out slowly.”You were saying…” She said putting out the match.”As I was saying, I’ve been meaning to tell you something.””What is it?””Well… I am a woman, Dianne.”A flash of lighting shone through the background windows. As Dianne’s face became fully illuminated he was able to see her countenance of horror and despair. They both stared at each other; Dianne looking at him with desloate, tearful eyes; he looked at her with puppy eyes searching for compassion.Dianne was just about to break out in tears when suddenly he relaxed his face and cast a grinning look.”I was just joking around,” he said, laughing mildly. “I’m all man, you wanna have sex?”Dianne gazed at him and for a moment he unable to tell whether she was about to laugh, cry or slap his face with furious anger. Dianne elevated her hand getting ready for the slap, but just before she released her hand, she smiled, put down her arm and threw her arms around him.”Don’t scare me like that,” she said. “Okay, let’s go.”They went upstairs.

  2. Humphrey looked to the stranger and gave his best withering stare, “Sure,” he said, “and I can set light to my farts.”The woman laughed, an odd nasally sound that ended in a cough. “Seriously, I can set light to my fingers.”Humphrey sighed. “Look lady,” he said, “I don’t know what kind of crack you’ve been taking but you’ve gone a couple of crackers shy of a box.”She looked confused.“I mean, you’re barking, sweetheart.”She gave a thin smile and a sliver of salvia dribbled from the corner of her mouth.“I can,” she said, “and I can prove it.”She clicked her fingers and for one moment, one awful heart stopping moment, Humphrey was certain he saw a flash, the briefest gossamer light from between her fingers. Then a faint fizzle. And nothing.“Bugger,” she said.“See, told ya.”She thought about it for a moment and then said. “I’m wearing Viking gear underneath the suit.”“Quid’s in,” Humphrey replied. “My place or yours.”

  3. “Cigarette, Big Boy?” “What are you trying to do, kill me?” he asked.”As a matter of fact I am, but I thought I’d offer you a cigarette non-the-less?””Now I’m confused.”She flipped her hair back with a slender hand. It didn’t quite work because of the scads of styling product holding it together.”Look, if I were trying to kill you with cigarettes, it might take twenty, thirty…even forty years! A pretty convoluted scheme I’d say,” she said.”I dunno. You obviously don’t know how much I smoke already,” he said with a grin, pulling a long white roll from her pearl-inlaid case.”Wait. You said you were trying to kill me?””Yes.””How come?” he asked.”You know,” she said archly, her dark eyes staring into his.””Oh…that,” he sighed sadly. “So why not kill me already? You’ve had more than a few opportunities.””I’m on my break,” she answered.”When it is over?””You’ll be the first to know.”(Wow! Great place for the 5 to end! Lucky me! Thanks, Zigg-o! This was SO much fun)

  4. She snapped her finger and flames jumped off of her skin. She motioned towards his unlit cigarette.”Need a light?” she said.He froze. How had she done that? His fingers found his lighter in his pocket, but he couldn’t very well bring it out now. She rose her eyebrows in question, and he nodded. She brought the flame up to the tip, and he puffed in, igniting his cigarette. She smiled, and he could see a bit of mischief beneath it. “Come here often?” he asked. Dumb, dumb, dumb. How was that his opening line? He hoped she didn’t see the doubt on his face.”First time, actually,” she said, and she licked her lips. Sparks jumped off, burning out before they caused any damage. “To tell you the truth, I’m looking for a…hot time tonight.” She gave him a devilish smile. “Know anyone who can…deliver?”His breath caught in his throat. He had no idea what her deal was, but damn she was, forgive the pun, hot. He needed to find out.(five minutes up)

  5. Anthony Addis May 12, 2010 — 8:38 pm

    “That’s enough of that,” she said. Her hand rose, and she snubbed out the burning tip of his smoke between her thumb and forefinger. Her face showed no pain, only mild annoyance.”Now listen here, doll,” Slim mumbled, the cigarrette still clamped between his lips.She cut him off. “No, you listen. You’re done with smoking, you hear? Done with it.”All at once, Slim felt terribly, horribly weary. Struggling to hide it, he let the cigarrette drop from his mouth, caught it in one hand.”You’re too good for the hell I carry around,” he said. “Walk away, and walk away fast.”Half her face was in shadows, hidden and unreadable. “I was born in Hell.”And despite the tough words, there was that vulnerability again, the fear and the loneliness. He sighed, feeling himself losing the battle to push her away. “Unless you want to move back in, leave, and don’t look back.”She shook her head. Touched his face with the same finger that had snubbed his smoke out. He felt its heat, smelt the tobacco. “You’re mine,” she whispered. “Haven’t you realised that yet?”(Time up)

  6. Neil Colquhoun May 13, 2010 — 11:05 am

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  7. Neil Colquhoun May 13, 2010 — 11:58 am

    Story from Bogie picture -What do you think?” he said.”What do you mean?” she replied.”The picture, their poses. It’s beautiful, don’t you think?” he asked.The man and the woman stared at the picture on the wall. He wondered about their relationship and where it was going. She wondered also where it was going, but for a different reason. He loved her and wanted to be with her for a while, maybe even marry her. She hated him and thought the picture was fake. Typical Hollywood bullshit, she thought. Lots of different ways to kill him ran through her mind and she had dismissed all of them. She didn’t have the balls or the brains to plot the perfect crime unless… the picture gave her an idea.He kept looking at the picture then reached into his hand for a cigarette. Just like the guy in the photo, he thought he was cool.She wondered if she could put an explosive in the cigarette. Blow his lips off and stop him from kissing her. That, she could do.(five minutes up!)N

  8. Everybody thought the house was imposing, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when he blinked a bit befopre getting out of the car. “Wow,” he said. “That’s oe crazy looking house.”I shrugged. “Crazy girl, crazy house.” I got out of the car and began walking up the drive. He followed, wincing a bit as he jogged to catch up me. “Crazy woman, you mean.”I didn’t look at him. “You trying to point something out about my age or are you commenting on my mother? I don’t recommend either one, especially not when you’re here looking for help.”He tried to shrug, then winced again as the hole in his shoulder prevented the motion. “Right. Like I have room to talk about coming from a crazy family.”Now I was insulted. “Different kind of crazy, thanks, and I’d appreciate you never making that comparison again. And for fuck’s sake, don’t say it to my mother.”He had the decency to blush. “Yeah, fair enough. Sorry. I guess pain makes me a dick.”I narrowed my eyes at him. “Right. Pain.” We’d reached the front door, which I unlocked and pushed open. “Mom!” I called. “You’ve got a patient.”(five minutes up!)

  9. The woman stood at the window looking out at the barren yard marked with only a few long blades of grass and a few dead trees which took over the rest of it. The stormy clouds moved over the sun bathing the scene in a wash of gloomy gray. This was the kind of day which made her think of tea by the fireplace. If there was no tea by the fireplace then it only served as a day in which she got eerie chills down her spine. As the thunder sounded the first time she moved away from the window. There were no lights on in the house. There hadn’t been any lights on in this house for a long time. This was also another in a long series of days that she wouldn’t be having that tea either. It would have been except you see, in a cliche` house like this you can’t find anyone but the dead.I mean you really were asking for that one with this picture. 😉 Fun exercise. You’ve definitely got a fan here!

  10. Neil Colquhoun May 13, 2010 — 7:57 pm

    Story from House picture – “It’s only a house,” she said, hoping he would get further than the gate this time.”I know. I can see that,” he said but still clung to the railings. He knew it was perfect for their needs. It had everything they wanted: the grounds, the seclusion, the space and the price was ideal. But he felt something in his gut. And nine times out of ten, he relied on his gut feeling.”C’mon. Let’s go in this time,” she said.He knew she wanted it badly but how could he walk up that drive and live there, knowing he would be sleeping not five feet from where he’d hid the body.(five minutes are up!)

  11. “look at me!” John said to a blood smeared camera lense. He stared at the reflection of himself and for a moment looked into the eyes of the man he once was…john Turner, son, brother, father and living husband. That was until the night when everything changed. He could barley recall the events of that fateful night, the only memory he could cling to was a final kiss goodbye from his wife and the feel if his daughters small hand cupped within his.”I live John….” he heared his wifes voice echo on his near empty mind and suddenly found himself staring ath the thing he had become.”LOOK AT ME!!!” he screamed, the sound of wimpering came from behind the camera, john stooped lower to see a man curled into a ball protecting his blood stained face.” please don’t hurt me!” he cried. John looked at his face and saw the same look of fear he’d had the night his life was taken.’oh well,’ he thought, ‘your just another john turner, loving son, brother father and husband….and I’m hungry!’times up…sorry about spelling mistakes lol!!

  12. Neil Colquhoun May 13, 2010 — 10:32 pm

    Story from Zombie picture – “Is this scary enough?” he asked, looking into the camera.The man behind the lens tried to focus, blinking away the blood. Goddamn, this was bloody hard, he thought. Nobody said it would hurt. Sure, he’s seen the movies and read all the stuff about them, but not one person ever said it would be this bad.”C’mon,” cried one of the gang members. “We got some people to eat.”The cameraman watched as his friends ran on. They’d obviously taken to it better than he had. Everything he hoped it would be was rapidly turning bad. Christ, he wished he had never agreed to take part in the experiment.(five minutes are up)Neil

  13. I sat in my car as the I watched the zombies converge on the Monroeville shopping mall. I’ve been reading stories about the movement of the group through towns across the state, but never expected them to show up here. I videoed them with my cell phone through my tinted windows, hoping they wouldn’t see me. I kept the car running, hoping the exhaust fumes would disguise the smell of my blood. I giggled to myself as I thought of zombies trying on the latest Baby Phat. I wonder if they have bloating problems too??I knew the real reason for them picking this place. The mall on a Saturday will be filled people people, especially at Christmas time. One of the zombies turn and gaze into my driver side window, he lets out a scream of rage when he realises the vehicle is occupied. I am a close meal. He charges towards me and I quickly put my car in gear and drive away, now afraid that the zombie had my scent. He would soon start tracking me. Where would I go?

  14. (zombie picture)I always knew this was a bad part of town.Shambling, stumbling, I tried to blend in with the crowd. It wasn’t easy. I was reminded briefly of Cameron’s dilemma on the Sarah Connor Chronicles: the actress, whose name escaped me, complained of the challenge of pretending to be a robot: no extraneous movement, no weird twitches, no worrying about where to put her hands. Such was my problem with the façade of being a zombie.I had almost reached my destination when a nearby undead’s skin came off abruptly in a rotting chunk, hitting the pavement below. Along with the viscera came the core of dust bunnies, a multitude of skin flakes. I couldn’t stop the sneeze in time.The object of my affection turned her head my way, but not in the way I’d wanted…and to think my only desire was to compliment her on her choice of hoodie. These new rules would be hard to get used to.

  15. “Let’s go to the mall,” he said. “Tons of people at the mall,” he said. As usual, Dave was dead wrong. He was an idiot when he was alive and he’s an idiot now that he’s dead. We haven’t found a single decent living brain in a week. Everyone is holed up atop the glass towers. Yesterday a kid dropped a coin on my head from forty stories up. It broke through my skull and landed in my mouth. Being a zombie fucking sucks.”Dave, I am so kicking your ass when this is over.”

  16. Neil Colquhoun May 14, 2010 — 5:24 pm

    Hi ZiggyI really enjoyed this little exercise. Where’s your contribution?Neil

  17. They smell it, the difference between us but they never know what it is. Neither Rage nor Prey. Enough beast in the blood, ironic.I stink of yesterday’s gore – more Rage than Sy’s. Stench is so bad it makes my eyes water which is a shit-bad reaction, too Prey. No reaction Rage would do that. Fear brings prey blood pumping.Fang, White Fang – seen him before – scrapes at my arm as I pass. I drop shoulder even as I itch to drop him. He is brittle but there are too many. Scenting at the air I find what I know is up there. Even the trained get arrogant, stupid… looking for an end? A painful, permanent end? Too close. I’m in no spot safe enough to warn them WE are closing in.Nice game!

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