Creativity by Mari Miniatt


Writer Mari Miniatt was born and raised in the north woods of Wisconsin but now lives in New York. A dream of a dark haired vampire originally inspired her to take up her pen. Mari’s novel Fledgling: Coiree Guardians is available now from

You can find out more about Mari from her website at

Creativity is a mental disorder.

It really is.

Think about it, to get through life you are told to act certain ways, do certain things, and you will be a success. So why would anyone not want to do what they are told and go off and do these crazy things? Because if we don’t, we will drive ourselves nuts.

I live in a house full of creative people, so the madness is quite evident. Let start with me. I write. I had a father who wrote every day. I picked up the same mad habit. I get an idea in my head, it’s like having a strange birth. The characters start to come alive in my brain. I can see them eating breakfast. I can hear them having conversations. Doesn’t that sound like a mental disorder to you?

But I have to write, that is the only way I can get them out of my head. Once they are on paper, my mind clears space… for the next idea.

My husband is a painter. He has disappeared in front of his canvas. I mean mentally. He will be painting, you can walk up to him, and he will not know you are there. He is so engrossed in to his creation, that a bomb could go off and he would not know. He also acts. Which can get strange because when he is practicing his lines, he looks like the crazy man at the bus stop talking to the pigeons.

Both of my sons have also been blessed or cursed with the spark as well. So far they can cover their oddness, by being teenagers.

All creative people are mad. We really are, but if you were to take away our ways of expression. We would really have to visit a hospital.

But if it wasn’t for creative people being a little off center, being a little strange, the world would be very dull indeed.

Find out more about Mari Miniatt

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