Creativity by Amanda Norman

creativityAmanda Norman’s horror photography focuses on capturing the eerie atmosphere of graveyards and cemeteries. She also loves to capture the dark soul of her subject in her dark portrait photography.

Amanda is inspired by her love of Hammer Horror, vampires and Universal Horror.

Horror photographs, graveyard photographs, cemetery photographs and her dark photography can be purchased via her gallery.

Creativity does exist and will never be lost.

Anyone can write a story, anyone can draw a picture and take a photograph, but only those who are truly creative, will strive to create something that is full of emotion and atmosphere, which isn’t an easy thing to do.

Without creativity, life would be bland and unproductive. You have to be creative to come up with a money making idea, to be successful in business and outwit the competition.

You stated that copywriting is not creative, it’s a craft. Well, not that I’m familiar with copywriting, but you’re creating a piece to sell something, which surely isn’t just about choosing the appropriate words? Surely it’s about stringing them together and not losing the viewers focus?

I consider myself to be creative with my photography.

How many snap shots do you see and how many times has some relative or friend made you sit there and endure their boring family photographs?

Snapshots are boring due to the lack of creativity. The lack of thought that went through the photographers mind when taking that photograph. I’m sure photography could be labelled as a craft, but creativity in the setting up and execution of the photograph is something different and the true aim of a photographer, writer or artist is to evoke an emotional response from the viewer.

Not many people have a creative gift!

Visit Amanda’s website.

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